​​    the war on mental illness

           BY BOB  FRISBY, M.S.

This web-site is the closest thing to a non-profit web-site you’ll find. I’m hoping to get sponsored by a non-profit organization in the future and they could handle the donations that would be tax deductible. I expect the majority of the donated funds would be going toward advertising this web-site and book. I have made it clear to those who know me that I want this site available to all peoples throughout the world (I know that sounds a bit grandiose but I do feel the information in the book and the web-site can, and will, save lives).

The book is available as an EBook at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and Kindle. If you purchase it this way, I'd like to know how easy it was reading it, or if you think I should make some changes to make it easier. The book is meant for anyone caring for a person with severe mental illness; be that as a friend, relative, or professional provider of services. I especially believe that students in psychology, sociology, psychiatry, nursing, counseling, social work, corrections and law enforcement should have access to this book and web-site.  Somewhere down the road I will come out ahead in book sales and that will be my personal source of income; until then I’m throwing all I have at getting the word out about the web-site and the book.

If you have any social media skills and the time; I’d appreciate it if you’d let Demi Lovato, Zelda and Zackary Williams, John Travolta, Britney Spears, Muriel Hemingway, Bradley Cooper, Jon Stewart, Ellen DeGeneres, Opra, Patrick Kennedy, Nicole Richie, Anderson Cooper, Maya Lin, Benedict Cumberbatch, Keira Knightley, Taylor Swift and Julia Roberts, know about the web-site and book. If they can contact me at my email address: frisbyhollow@gmail.com with a proper address to send them a book, I would be happy to mail them a free copy of the book. They can decide if the website and/or the book are worthy of any donations. I will keep all donations anonymous, showing only the initials the person wants me to use on the site; and just show in this budget section what comes in and where the money goes. I’ve tried to reach a few of them but the doors to open were too many and too confusing for me. I'm seventy-seven years old and I'm not good at computer stuff. These few I’ve chosen for a variety of reasons, especially because I know they would care about folks that have serious emotional illnesses. Hopefully they would then contact their other famous friends and encourage them to visit the web-site, buy the book and broaden their knowledge base about this growing issue of national importance. I for one am getting tired of seeing emotionally ill people without help, and hurting themselves or others.

So far I haven't gotten any donations to this work I do and I would have to pay taxes on anything sent to me. Better we establish a non-profit for the money to go through, so we can advertise the site. Maybe the non-profit could collect 10 percent of the donation for administration costs and send me the other 90 percent for advertising costs. That non-profit can check my records to be sure everything is on the up and up. This process makes sense to me and I believe the IRS would agree.

I appreciate your taking the time to read this. I would urge the poor folks and those disabled to not donate to this website; they can use their money to keep themselves healthy.

With Respect,
Bob Frisby



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