For those of you with mental health and/or chemical dependency issues, I would encourage you to read numbers ten and fourteen right away. The human inventory on this web-site relates to all humans, no matter what their culture or ancestry; I would encourage you to use that inventory to broaden your life experiences.

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17. Google “Kateri Tekakwitha” and you can get a Wikipedia write-up that shows she is the only Native American canonized by the Catholic Church as a saint. Prayers to her have been known to result in cures. 

For those of you who are Native American, I hope you are proud of your ancestry and have learned many helpful skills from your elders. I hope your visit to this web-site will be helpful to you as you travel through life.

With Great Respect,
Bob Frisby

Native Americans

​​    the war on mental illness

           BY BOB  FRISBY, M.S.