Drug / Alcohol Abuse and Addiction


​​    the war on mental illness

           BY BOB  FRISBY, M.S.


​Visit the website: https://addictioneducationsociety.org/dr-kevin-mccauley-pleasure-unwoven/  for information on a DVD that everyone should view!

In my studies I learned about a potentially valuable technique to help treat chemical dependency. It sounds a little flaky to some folks, but when you open your mind and realize that the Native American beliefs and customs can also help other people on this planet, you may learn something very valuable. They're called "Medicine Cards". In order to get yourself a copy of the book and the cards that come with it, Barnes & Noble can probably help. Just reference: Sams, Jamie & Carson, David. Medicine Cards. New York. St. Martin's Press. 1999. The cost is around $50 but humans of all ages will enjoy the pictures on the cards and the meaning given to each. I bought a copy for our local chemical dependency half-way house and they used it in the group setting. I went through it with my son and granddaughters. To this day I reflect on the living things of this planet that I was determined to be connected too. My close friend who has chemical dependency issues, just couldn't wrap his head around it and therefore didn't even give it a chance. It's better to check everything out as you don't know for certain what will help you make recovery last.

My friend also recommended the DVD that is referenced above as the most up to date statement about the addictive workings of the brain yet published. After getting years of CEU's related to treating chemical dependency clients, I have to agree with him. The DVD is very well stated and clear to understand; and it shows the difficult road to recovery.

Be sure to read the other chapters in the web-site, like those about "Soul", "Religion", "Spirituality", "Human Inventory"; all chapters will help you be a stronger person.

Since a lot of my clients also had chemical dependency issues, I discussed that a lot in the book I wrote referred to in this web-site. I have always had strong belief in the book "The Twelve Steps" and believe that is a very strong tool for staying sober. Staying away from those who use alcohol or drugs will make a big difference; just make it clear that you can't hang around when they start using that stuff. Establish a connection to non-using folks who have your similar interests. Work that Human Inventory and that will really help as well.  Good Luck and God's Speed!